The building

A rental on the Côte d’Opale

The building is situated on the seafront,  so you can access on the beach directly.

The building is located at 5 minutes walking from shops (downtown).
The Wimereux ‘s main street has many shops and restaurants.

Vue sur la digue de Wimereux et sur le grand hotel à partir de la plage
View from the beach

 The charm of Wimereux

wimereux has kept its charm of the “Belle Epoque” with its beautiful villas . You will find this historic charm when you will arrive to the building, where is located your rental.

The origin of the building: Le Grand Hôtel

Built at the end of nineteenth century, the “Grand Hôtel” is part of the history of Wimereux. The building still have its original style: elevator, spacious corridors with parquets and thick carpets, the entrance hall is majestic with mosaic tiles.

The British high society was coming in the grand hôtel to relax, play golf and listen great music (orchestras settled on the large terrace facing the sea).

Le grand hôtel vers 1950
The building in 1920

More recently, Charles TRENET stayed in the grand hotel when he came in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Converted into apartments, the building had its facade completely renovated in 2014.

Le Grand Hotel de nos jours
The building today

Today, The building is called “Résidence Côte d’Opale”
It is the last building on Wimereux to have a concierge
There are surveillance cameras to bring security
There are 2 lifts